when it’s the middle of the night and u hear ur parents waking up


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Music Asks

1. Favourite band:  
2. Favourite metal band:  
3. Favourite rock band:  
4. Favourite prog rock band:  
5. Favourite punk band:  
6. Favourite heavy metal band:  
7. Favourite thrash metal band:  
8. Favourite death metal band:  
9. Favourite brutal death metal band:  
10. Favourite grindcore band:  
11. Favourite hardcore band:  
12. Favourite black metal band:  
13. Favourite doom metal band:  
14. Favourite sludge metal band:  
15. Favourite band from the 1970's:  
16. Favourite band from the 1980's:  
17. Favourite band from the 1990's:  
18. Favourite band from the 2000's:  
19. Favourite band from the 2010's:  
20. Favourite classical composer:  
21. Favourite song by your favourite band:  
22. Favourite metal song:  
23. Favourite rock song:  
22. Favourite prog rock song:  
23. Favourite punk song:  
24. Favourite heavy metal song:  
25. Favourite thrash metal song:  
26. Favourite death metal song:  
27. Favourite brutal death metal song:  
28. Favourite grindcore song:  
29. Favourite hardcore song:  
30. Favourite black metal song:  
31. Favourite doom metal song:  
32. Favourite sludge metal song:  
33. Favourite song from the 1970's:  
34. Favourite song from the 1980's:  
35. Favourite song from the 1990's:  
36. Favourite song from the 2000's:  
37. Favourite song from the 2010's:  
38. Favourite album by your favourite band:  
39. Favourite metal album:  
40. Favourite rock album:  
41. Favourite prog rock album:  
42. Favourite punk album:  
43. Favourite heavy metal album:  
44. Favourite thrash metal album:  
45. Favourite death metal album:  
46. Favourite brutal death metal album:  
47. Favourite grindcore album:  
48. Favourite hardcore album:  
49. Favourite black metal album:  
50. Favourite doom metal album:  
51. Favourite sludge metal album:    52. Favourite album from the 1970's
53. Favourite album from the 1980's:  
54. Favourite album from the 1990's:  
55. Favourite album from the 2000's:  
56. Favourite album from the 2010's:    57. How many songs are in your iTunes library?  58. What was the last album you downloaded?  59. Did you pay for it?  60. Have you ever downloaded music?  61. Have you ever downloaded an album, and later bought a physical copy?  62. How many CD's do you own?  63. What was the last CD you purchased?  64. How many vinyls do you own?  65. What was the last vinyl you purchased?  66. Do you own an iPod?  67. Do you own a CD player?  68. Do you own a turntable?  69. Do you own a cassette deck?
70. Which audio format do you prefer:    71. Do you play an instrument?
72. What instrument(s) do you play:  
73. What instrument(s) do you wish you could play:  
74. Favourite vocalist:  
75. Favourite guitarist:  
76. Favourite bassist:  
77. Favourite drummer:    78. How many concerts/shows have you attended?
79. Who played the last concert/show that you attended:  
80. Best band you've seen live:  
81. Worst band you've seen live:    82. How many band t-shirts do you own?  83. Do you like classical music?  84. Do you like jazz?  85. Do you like bluegrass?  86. Do you like reggae?  87. Do you like folk?  88. Do you like big band music?  89. Do you like disco?  90. Do you like soul music?  91. Do you like blues?  92. Do you like dubstep?
93. Favourite record label:  
94. Favourite genre:  
95. Favourite sub-genre:  
96. Favourite music magazine:  
97. Favourite music website/blog:  
98. Favourite music related movie: